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FOTON AUMAN 8X4 26000Litres Petrolero de petróleo pesado

Payment Type:
L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union,Cash
Min. Order:
1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:
7 Days
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Product Attributes



Supply Ability & Additional Informations


productividad120 sets per week


Lugar de origenChina

Capacidad de suministro12000 Sets per year

Certificados CCC ISO

Tipo de PagoL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union,Cash


Plazo de entrega7 días

Embalaje y entrega
Unidades de venta:
Tipo de paquete:

FOTON AUMAN 8X4 26000Litres Petrolero de petróleo pesado

FOTON AUMAN 8X4 unidad LHD / RHD chasis de alta calidad

Motor diesel de Shanghai 310HP, estándar de emisión Euro 4

Capacidad de carga: 26000Litres

CCC ISO BV aprobado, acepta el servicio de personalización.

¡¿Por qué elegirnos?!

1. Ofrecemos necesidades individuales de vehículos, personalizadas de acuerdo a sus necesidades.

2. Nuestros productos tienen precios más bajos y mejor calidad.

3. Nuestro tiempo de entrega es muy corto.

4. Ofrecemos una variedad de métodos de envío y métodos de pago.

5. Nos enfocamos en el uso del producto y el cuidado de los servicios de asesoramiento privado.

Production enterprise information
Vehicle name: FOTON AUMAN 8X4 26000Litres Heavy Oil Tanker Vehicle type: Special vehicleLaws and regulations
Manufacturing place: China Type of licence:

The vehicle license plate

classification standard

Announcement batch: 275 Release date: 20150812
product ID: ZLGLM4WP03T  Directory number: (Seventeen)74
Chinese brand: CLW GROUP TRUCK English brand:
Announcement type: CLW5310GJYB4 Exempt from: no
Enterprise name: CLW GROUP TRUCK fuel: yes
Business address: The southern suburbs of Hubei Province, Suizhou city Zengdou District Chengli Automobile Industry Park environmental protection: no
Inspection instructions
Exemption: no Check the inspection period:
Announcement status
Announcement status: effective Effective date of announcement: 20150812
Announcement state description: change change(extend)Record:
Main technical parameters
Outline dimension: 11875*2500*3410(mm)   Cargo compartment size: * *(mm) 
Total mass: 31000(Kg)  Load quality utilization factor: 0
curb weight: 13155(Kg)  Rated load quality: 17650,17715(Kg) 
Trailer quality: (kg) Semitrailer saddle:
Front passenger: 3,2(people)
Rated capacity: (people) Anti lock braking system: Yes
Approach angle/Departure angle: 12/14(DEG) The front suspension/Rear overhang: 1555/2410(mm)  
Axle load: 6500/6500/6500/11500 Wheelbase: 1860+4700+1350(mm) 
Axis number: 4 Maximum speed: 80(km/h)
Oil consumption:
Spring sheet number: 10/10/6+-/9+6
Tyre number: 10 Tire specifications:



Front track: 1960/1960  Rear wheel: 1955/1847 
Brake front:
After braking:
Before system operation:
After the operation of the system:
Steering form: Steering wheel Starting method:
drive system:
Oil consumption(L/100Km):
VinVehicle identification code: LRDV7PECX x x x x x x x x x x x
LRDV7PDCX x x x x x x x x x x x
Laws and regulations
Engine parameters
Engine Engine production enterprise displacement(ml) power(kw)
ISDe270 40
Shanghai diesel engine Limited by Share Ltd
Shanghai diesel engine Limited by Share Ltd
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Vehicle fuel parameters
Fuel type: diesel oil Based on standard:  
Chassis emission standard: GB17691-2005China IV,GB3847-2005
Transport medium:diesel oil,gasoline,Density respectively:830Kg/Cubic metre, 750Kg/Cubic metre,Item No.:3;Effective volume of tank: 22.3Cubic metre, Tank size(long/The major axis/Short axis)(mm):9000/2370/1570,With the optional chassis cab, The car can be equipped with fuel pump device model/manufacturing enterprise:80YHCB-60,60YHCB-30/Suizhou Yifeng Pump Co. Ltd.;80YHCB-60,60YHCB-30F/Boshan Shandong Qilu oil pump factory,Protective material:Q235Acarbon steel,Connection mode:The left and right sides and the rear lower part are protected by welding connection,Rear section size(mm):120*50,Rear protection height(mm):450. The vehicle mounted travelling data recorder with satellite positioning function,The chassis for the tanker chassis; ABSManufactor/Model:44600XXXX0/WABCO vehicle control system(China)Limited company.
Reflective marking parameters
Marking enterprise: CLW GROUP TRUCK Logo mark: CLW GROUP TRUCK
Identification model: TM1200-1,HW1400

BJ5312GYY-XAChassis parameters
Auman tanker chassis|AumanBJ5312GYY-XATanker truck chassisDetailed parameters
Enterprise name: Beijing Fukuda Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.
Chassis Model: BJ5312GYY-XA Chassis class: Two
Product name: Tanker truck chassis Product trademark: Auman
Zip code: 100068 Directory number: 12
Specifications: long:11875  wide:2460  high:3410,2900
Fuel type: diesel oil Based on standard: GB17691-2005China IV,GB3847-2005
Steering form: Steering wheel
Axis number: 4 Wheelbase: 1860+4700+1350
Spring sheet number: 10/10/6+-/9+6 Tyre number: 10
Tire specifications: 11.00R20,10.00R20,11R22.5,12R22.5 Tread: Front track 1960/1960  Rear wheel 1955/1847
Total mass: 31000
curb weight: 7980 Trailer quality:
Semitrailer saddle:
Front passenger: 2,3
Close to the left corner: 12.5/9 Front suspension rear suspension: 1555/2410
Maximum speed: 80
Auman tanker chassis|AumanBJ5312GYY-XATanker truck chassisEngine detail parameters
Engine model Engine production enterprise displacement(ML) power(ML)
ISDe270 40
Shanghai diesel engine Limited by Share Ltd
Shanghai diesel engine Limited by Share Ltd
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Identification code: LRDV7PECX x x x x x x x x x x x LRDV7PDCX x x x x x x x x x x x
Other: Optional flat cab. Optional front mirror.ABSProduction enterprise of system controller:WABCO vehicle control system(China)Limited company,Dongfeng electronic Polytron Technologies Inc;ABSSystem controller model:44600XXXX0,ABS/ASR-24V-4S/4M;Exhaust pipe front,Front wheel mounted disc brake,Loading speed limiting device,Speed limit80Km/h;Third axis for the steel plate spring and air suspension compound with the moving bridge,Can not be promoted;The maximum net power corresponding to the engine model is:SC9DK310Q4/226Kw;SC9DK270Q4/197Kw;ISDe270 40/192.2kw.SC9DK310Q4,SC9DK270Q4Corresponding vehicle identification code:LRDV7PECX x x x x x x x x x x x;ISDe270 40Corresponding vehicle identification code:LRDV7PDCX x x x x x x x x x x x

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